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Upside.down damper + hight adjustable suspension system.


1,979.00 *

Sportiness combined with outstanding performance. With KW pre-configurated dampening.
The ideal system for customers who wish to decide the custom lowering of their vehicles.

1,469.00 *

State-of-the-art technology from motor sports for more performance on the road.
The separate and independently adjustable rebound- and compression damping allows for an individual suspension setup for different uses and preferences.

2,199.00 *

Coilovers for race track and road.
KW Clubsport was developed for customers who demand a better handling car when participating in track day events, but also require an official road approval to use their car every day.
The setup was specifically designed for the Nordschleife using track day ... 

2,499.00 *

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